The Play and The Cast 2019

The Savannah Sipping Society        By Jones Hope Wooten

Seizing the Day ……..Life can be wonderful, full of laughter and hope. Just as easily, it can be sad, tired and full of heartbreak and disappointment. The difference often hinges on something as slight as a chance meeting. “The Savannah Sipping Society” tells the story of four strangers coming together on a southern verandah to eat, drink and explore about necessity of choosing joy, choosing laughter, in a life where there is always plenty of reason to cry. This play is about the power of friendship and the transforming magic of laughter. Four women come from different parts of the American South, and together they change their lives. They are of different ages, character and experience; but they share one thing – and that is a determination to live joyfully. This is a funny, touching and inspiring tale that speaks to us all.

The Playwrights: Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten There is power in numbers, and three American playwrights have combined to write over 20 successful comedies that have been produced around the world. Their best known works include “Southern Belles” “The Dixie Swim Club” and “The Red Velvet Cake War.” These are plays that capture the humour and charm of the American South, mixing laugh-out-loud comedy with an intelligent look at the human condition. The writers have worked together so successfully and so consistently that they are now collectively known as JONES HOPE WOOTEN. Separately and apart, their work has been honoured with critical acclaim, audience enthusiasm and awards. Jessie Jones and Nicholas Hope (winner at the dawn of his career of the Texas New Playwright’s Award), together wrote the Emmy-winning script for the film “Teacher’s Pet.” Jamie Wooten came to the team from a career as television producer and writer for such classics as “The Golden Girls,” where he won the coveted Writers Guild of America award. Hope is also an award-winning songwriter.


Jennifer Sheffield: Randa Covington  Jennifer is returning to Linden House for the third time, most  recently playing Rose in the 2017 production of “Enchanted April.” As well as directing challenging plays for young actors and teaching science in an Almonte high school, Jennifer acts frequently at the Ottawa Little Theatre, most recently in “Move Over, Mrs. Markham” and “Unnecessary Farce.”

Lindsay Laviolette: Jinx Jenkins  Lindsay, as well as teaching drama in an Ottawa high school, is an actor with many credits to her name, including most recently as Lily Langtry in “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily” and as Julia Simmons in “A Murder is Announced” at the Ottawa Little Theatre. At Linden House, her first role was Lady Caroline in the 2017 production of “Enchanted April.”  Lindsay is thrilled to be working with Linden House again and is grateful to be sharing the stage with these three incredible women. 

Venetia Lawless: Marlafaye Mosley  The daughter of an actress and set designer, Venetia has been acting her whole life. She has been honoured for several acting roles, including Best Actress for Ottawa Little Theatre’s productions of “Other Desert Cities”  (2017) and “Dead Accounts” (2018). She last appeared at Linden House in 2017 as  Lottie in “Enchanted April.” She is a director as well with such recent Ottawa shows as “Calendar Girls,” “Burn” and “Act of Grace.” She’s delighted to be back beside three of her favourite actresses.

Janet Uren: Dot Haigler  Founder of Linden House in 2007, Janet loves laughter and has appeared in recent years in a series of comedies both at Linden House and at the Ottawa Little Theatre, where she has taken on such classic roles as Madame Arcati (“Blithe Spirit”), Mrs. Bennett (“Pride and Prejudice”) and that sadly tuneless opera star, Florence Foster-Jenkins (“Glorious!”). She is delighted to be bringing back to Linden House four fine actors from the magical 2017 production of “Enchanted April.”

Linda Marchand: Grandmother  Linda has been a member of the Linden House team, both on-stage and off, since its founding 13 years ago. She particularly enjoyed appearing in L.H. productions of “Lettice & Lovage “and “Blithe Spirit”.  For several years prior to joining Linden House, Linda appeared on stage with the New Edinburgh Players and very much enjoyed all her roles, especially  Miss Prism in “The Importance of Being Earnest”  and the Countess in “The Noble Spaniard”. She is also Manager of Sponsorship for Linden House, and a member of the Front of House Team. She is delighted to appear in this production with such a wonderful group of people.