Short and sweet

This is going to be short, really short. (Oh, shut up. It is!) I don’t have time to get fancy, but there are a few things I need to say, and say fast.

First of all, as you know, I would much rather laugh than cry. If you share this perverse taste, give yourself a treat and go see The 39 Steps at The Gladstone. I saw it last night, and I’m still smiling. And that, considering the day I’ve had, is nothing short of miraculous. The play is on stage to September 24. Call 613 233 4523 or visit

More news? I have a touching belief that any day now the phone is going to start ringing off the hook with people begging for tickets for the upcoming Linden House production of The Circle by Somerset Maugham (October 20-29). So today I sent the tickets out for printing. How am I possible?

And then there’s technology! You’ve all heard me whining about technology – those, at least, who like long blogs: the whining usually starts about paragraph four. Well, listen to this. The new and improved Linden House website – – is up and running, and my nephew is back in the will. Go see the site! Not only does it feature a very fine poster. It also has a page where you can buy tickets online! And just in case you don’t trust me as far as you can throw me, the transaction takes place by PayPal.

I am glad that something is going right, technologically speaking, because there are still some black holes in my communications life – to wit, four Facebook accounts. Don’t ask how this happened. All I can say is that I am the only person I know who is her own best friend. If anyone can tell me how to get rid of the superfluous three of these accounts without losing friends – many of whom I have actually met – you get a free ticket to The Circle and champagne all round.

Oh, and by the way, we are rehearsing as well, so I guess we are really going to go through with this thing. (You know the definition of a crisis: when you can’t say, ‘Let’s forget the whole thing.’)

That’s all folks. If you are disappointed at the brevity of this blog, please feel free to contact me and insist on more words. That will make a nice change. As for now, “‘Goodbye’ was all she wrote.”