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Good news and bad

The bad news is that I am blogging again. I know you were hoping not to hear from me again for another month or two (if ever). The only comfort I can offer is that this will be a SHORT blog (well, shorter than usual).

Forgive me. I can’t help myself. This is a RED LETTER DAY, one on which I join the Information Age as a certifiable adult. I may have told you already that, though some of my best friends are computers, as a species I hate them. I especially HATE having to learn anything new.

Still, it’s a hard life and, every once in a while, I cannot avoid acquiring new knowledge. A case in point. During the last few weeks, I wanted badly to replace that very lame notice on the Linden House blog — the one associated with a missing slide show (look left) that used to read, “I will put something here when I figure out how to do it.” Now, in communication terms, I realize that that notice was beyond lame.

What to do? My normal weak-minded method of dealing with a technical challenge is to find someone more brainy than me, issue an invitation for drinks and, just as my unwary prey relaxes into the gin, pounce with “my little problem.” This usually works well.

Not this time. In the past two days, I have been in crisis. The usual suspects are either ignorant, incapable or out of the country. I took a tough decision. In sheer desperation, I opened up the “help” section of the website. Who would have thought it? There, in black and white, were instructions on how to mount a slideshow on a blog. In plain English, no less. Wow! I followed the step-by-step instructions in a state of gathering amazement.

Result? On this blog, you can now enjoy (or ignore, depending on how the prospect hits you) a slide show of my face featuring a variety of expressions and representing the character of Lady Kitty from The Circle, which Linden House will be presenting next October. I realize that ten images of my face in flickering sequence may be too much of a good thing, so I won’t leave the show on for too long. (That is if I can find “delete slideshow” on the help page.) Anyway, do try enjoy the technical triumph even if you can’t appreciate the face.

There’s more. In my technological travails during the past few days, I accidentally stuck a picture into the body of the text. So now I have two new tricks for the price of one. Will it never end?

Can you bear any more good news? Linden House now has a new website up and running (compliments of the Denver nephew). This is still developing and — please make a note — by September, it will offer online ticket sales through that trusty old “” (the one that sells books online). Check it out at (just follow the link to the left) and rejoice with me.

PS I just tried to insert a picture of Juno the Dog and I find, that between boasting of new knowledge and taking action, I actually forgot how to do it. I HATE COMPUTERS.

LINDEN HOUSE THEATRE 2011 — THE CIRCLE by Somerset Maugham

History repeats itself!
October 20-22, 26-29 at 7:30 pm
Sunday Matinee, October 23, 2011 at 3 pm

“Naughty Lady Kitty” in youth abandoned husband and child to run away with her husband’s best friend. Now, she is back in town and causing trouble. Will her son’s young wife follow Kitty’s example and sacrifice home, safety and reputation to youthful passion? Or will she learn from the example of her elders that love suffers over time from the slings and arrows of social ostracism. A life of frivolity has turned Lady Kitty into a profoundly silly woman. Now can she save Elizabeth from the same fate?