Linden House Theatre is planning to return to the boards in November this year.

The last time we spoke, we were planning to take a year off in 2020 and return to the stage in 2021. That did not happen. The pandemic has dragged on for another year. Now we’re taking a deep breath and starting to plan a new play – “Outside Mullingar,” by John Patrick Shanley – and to prepare for opening night in the first week of November 2022. The show will run from November 11 to 20, followed by a number of performances at the Wakefield Theatre.

“Outside Mullingar” is a delightful love story, full of the wit, the poetry and larger than life characters of the Irish countryside. The play will be directed by Lindsay Laviolette, who has acted with the company in “Enchanted April” (Lady Caroline) and “The Savannah Sipping Society” (Jinx) and is now ready to flex her directorial muscles. We also have a wonderful cast already committed to the show, bringing back to Linden House…

Venetia Lawless (she was Lottie in “Enchanted April” and Marlafaye in “The Savannah Sipping Society”)

David Holton (Charles Condomine in “Blithe Spirit” and the Narrator in “For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again”)

Geoff Gruson (Sir Michael Thurston in “Imaginary Lines” and Mellersh in “Enchanted April”)

Janet Uren (founder of the company, she crops up in every show, rather like a weed)

Of course, there are still uncertainties ahead of us, but we are hoping with all our hearts to be with you again not many months from now. Join us for “Theatre for the joy of it” in autumn 2022.