We’ll meet again!”  Get your 2121 calendars now!

Linden House Theatre is taking a year off.

In case you haven’t heard the news – the world (and the Linden House Theatre Company) is suffering through a pandemic. So far, we in Canada are doing a pretty good job of facing down the disease and adjusting, finding new ways to socialize safely, to shop and to keep each other disease-free. In theatre, however, we have been hard hit. There is just no safe way to bring together our audience in any kind of significant numbers to enjoy the wonder of live performance. That’s the hard truth.

The irony is that we have never been so ready to go here at Linden House. In early winter, 2020 we had already chosen a play – “Outside Mullingar,” by John Patrick Shanley. It’s a delightful love story, full of the wit, the poetry and larger than life characters of the Irish countryside. The play will be directed by Lindsay Laviolette, who has acted with the company in “Enchanted April” (Lady Caroline) and “The Savannah Sipping Society” (Jinx) and is now ready to flex her directorial muscles. We also have a wonderful cast already committed to the show, bringing back to Linden House…

Venetia Lawless (she was Lottie in “Enchanted April” and Marlafaye in “The Savannah Sipping Society”)

David Holton (Charles Condomine in “Blithe Spirit” and the Narrator in “For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again”)

Geoff Gruson (Sir Michael Thurston in “Imaginary Lines” and Mellersh in “Enchanted April”)

Janet Uren (founder of the company, she crops up in every show, rather like a weed)

The bad news? We are taking the year off. Now for the good news! With only a year or so to go, we are really ahead of ourselves with a good play in hand, a director, actors and a production team that has already sketched out designs for the set and costumes. We are, in a word, champing at the bit.

So take a deep breath, everybody. The calendars for 2121 will be on sale in our bookstores in just a few months. Be prepared to buy one and write down in large letters for the first two weeks in November – “Outside Mullingar,” Linden House Theatre. We will miss you this fall and look forward to meeting again with even more “Theatre for the Joy of It” in autumn 2121.

At Elmwood School

261 Buena Vista Road, Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa

Directions: If approaching Rockcliffe Park by the 417, exit at Vanier Parkway and go north to Beechwood Avenue. Turn right on Beechwood and take the second left on Springfield Road. Proceed up to Rockcliffe Park to Buena Vista Road. Turn left, pass the school on your right and turn right into the free parking lot at the sign saying “Entrance.” Enter the theatre through the central doors on Buena Vista. There is a drop off circle drive in front of the central doors. Alternatively from downtown, take Sussex Drive to the Sir George-Etienne Cartier Parkway and exit at Buena Vista Road. Turn left into parking lot.