The Linden House Experience



Geoffrey Rush, as the impresario in the film Shakespeare in Love, frequently assured his colleagues that “it will be all right.” “How?” they screamed at him. “How will it be all right?” “I don’t know,” he said, shrugging helplessly. “It’s a mystery.”

The steady and growing success of Linden House Theatre Company over the past decade is nothing short of mysterious. Since 2007, when it was founded by community actor Janet Uren with the help of veteran actor George Stonyk, it has defined its niche (producing the modern comedy of wit and ideas) and has created a distinctive style not only on stage but also in terms of ambiance and hospitality. People who come to see a Linden House show usually come back, and audiences are growing every year. So what’s the secret?

Quality of performance   Linden House is aiming high. Listen to what the reviewers said of last year’s production of Glorious!, the true life story of the world’s worst opera singer. Alvina Ruprecht called it “a study in cheeky performance that exacerbates all the stylistic qualities of the theatrical scene….a big playful hoot!” Iris Winston said it was, “A production surrounded by a sense of joy.” Jamie Portman said it was a “superior production of Peter Quilter’s comedy.”

The “experience”  The company has adopted the founder’s personal obsession with hospitality, offering live piano music before the show and more music and complimentary refreshments during the intermission, comfortable seating in an elegant theatre space and – last but not least – the convenience of plentiful free parking. All of this contributes to a very pleasant overall experience.  As one audience member wrote, “It was marvelous! … The costumes were amazing, the set was perfect, all of the actors were fabulous and perfectly chosen and it all went by so quickly!  I loved the little snacks…and the piano.  All those little details made it comfortable and fun.”

Charities  Through alliances with community groups and the sharing of revenues, the company has raised many thousands of dollars for various causes over the past nine years.